No Fraud

Each ticket is associated to the user's uPort identity on the blockchain. The QR code is dynamically generated by the user wallet to deny the sharing of tickets.

Scalpers are no longer profitable

Event organizers can define a retention rate to be extracted from each sale on the secondary market, making scalping unprofitable.

Own your event

The organizer is the only owner of the event. If Taiga Market no longer exist, your event will still be live and owned by you!

Guaranteed by the blockchain

Each event is its own smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Once defined, everyone knows how tickets are created, sold and transfered! Transparency is the rule!

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Our Team

Joao Aguiam

Joao Aguiam

Blockchain Engineer
Andrew Golightly

Andrew Golightly

Fullstack Engineer
Dibesh Shrestha

Dibesh Shrestha

Backend Engineer

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